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General Liability, covering the entire spectrum of insurance related matters, has been one of the firm’s specialties. The partners all have backgrounds in the defense of general liability claims. These claims range from the simple slip and fall or automobile accident to more complex wrongful death claims. The firm is experienced in other areas as well as including products liability, defamation, police liability, employment claims and business related torts.


With the firm’s highly experienced staff and access to highly qualified experts, we are equipped to meet the challenges of any general liability issue anywhere in Florida. Our clients enjoy the hands-on personal attention of our experienced attorneys and are assured of a partner’s oversight at every critical step of the litigation. Our attorneys have more than 68 years of combined experience.


Personal Injury

The partners of Pratt & Radford, P.L. have over 68 years of combined experience. In those years they have handled every imaginable claim involving personal injury. The attorneys of Pratt & Radford, P.L. are skilled trial lawyers and have vast experience in the personal injury arena. From successful mediation to successful trial results, our firm is hard-working and dedicated to the insured and carriers it represents. We have handled claims involving work site injuries, vehicular injuries, premises injuries, defamation claims and other personal injuries within the realm of tort law. Preparation and an eye for detail are the keys to a successful defense of personal injury claims. The firm prides itself in being detail-oriented and thorough in preparing all cases for trial. The client and carriers are kept apprised at all times of the case progress through our reporting commitments.


Pre-Suit Investigations of Complex Claims

Pratt & Radford, P.L. prides itself on taking an aggressive role in conducting pre-suit investigations. Defending a case starts with an initial investigation in which key documentation is secured and witness statements are taken. By obtaining key information prior to any litigation, Pratt & Radford, P.L. is in a position to evaluate potential liability and damages. To further make this assessment, Pratt & Radford P.L. retains top experts in various specialty fields.


Premises Liability

Premises liability has long been an area of specialization for the lawyers of Pratt & Radford, P.L.. Whether the case arises out of a criminal act and results in a claim of negligent security and wrongful death, or stems from a slip and fall, the firm’s attorneys are prepared to aggressively defend businesses and property owners. Typical clients include retail chains, hotels, restaurants, condominium and apartment complexes, health care facilities, gyms and sports complexes.



As part of the firm’s commitment to the defense of insurance claims, Pratt & Radford, P.L. has dedicated itself to becoming experts in defense of trucking and automobile claims. Our attorneys are experienced in handling all vehicular cases through trial. We have access to highly qualified experts in accident reconstruction, vehicle dynamics, biochemical issues and medical causation issues.


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